Chemical manufacturer Julong are building an automated warehouse with stacker crane, AGV, and conveyors next to its factory in Nanjing

Logistic Center for Julong in Nanjing

Julong is a listed company, developing and manufacturing PA, PP, LFT, PC, ABS, PBT, TPE compound series whose product are high recommended in industry and widely used in automotive, railway, electronic appliance, and machinery and so on. The installation works as a new logistics center next to factory, providing automated receiving, storing, picking, dispatching, and tracking service which in control of Huaruide WMS, the warehouse management, result in productivity increasing, more storage capacity in fixed space, and labor-free in most process.

Needs and the Solution

The company did not want to use big surface area to store raw material or fished goods which is more than 100 SKU in its production center, to leave more space for its busy production lines. Besides, three building are in the center, two of them are production lines, one is the warehouse to be connected with tunnels, and material transfer from building is automatic facility. Faced with the needs, Huaruide was required to provide a high capacity warehouse not only store current materials, but 50% more capacity to face the increasing business. Besides, the installation was equipped AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) and conveyors to ensure a continuous flow of products with greater flexibility and at an affordable cost.


After an in-depth analysis of the specifications and need of Julong, Huaruide proposed the construction of a 3,640 m2 automated warehouse with a storage of 8,160 pallets which loaded on slave pallet which size is 1300*1500*1800mm. The automated installation comprises with seven aisles with double depth rack on both sides. For pallets can move among buildings, AGV, RGV, conveyors, lifts was well designed in this solution. In addition, palletizing operations are done by robot arms.


This new warehouse stands out for its efficiency and flexibility which make the center as a whole part, which make goods move automatically transfer people-to-goods to goods-to-people. There is no need for human intervention, hence avoiding logistical error.


Automation Configurations of the Julong logistics is as following:

•  Conveyors

•  Robot arms

•  Wrapping machine

•  RGV

•  AGV

•  Profile checker

•  Pallet dispenser

•  Rack

•  Stacker Crane

•  Cargo Lift

The Goods Process from Leaving Production line to Dispatching

For inbound process, the finished goods are packed in bags, and transfer to buffer station near robot arms by conveyors waiting for palletizing. Empty pallets are sent by pallet dispenser and once pallet palletizing completed, it will be sent to warping machine, and wait on conveyors. AGV will receive signal when the position has pallet, and will go and take the pallet to next building through tunnel. The pallets will be drop on conveyors and lifted by cargo life to second floor. On the second floor, the pallet will be taken by RGV and sent to assign buffer conveyor waiting for stacker crane, finally the stacker crane will take it to defined position.


For outbound process, once the stacker crane receive the order, it will take the defined pallet and drop it on buffer conveyors at the end-aisle. Then RGV move to the position and get the pallet, and send it to next conveyor lines. Pallet will be sent to exit point, operator use forklift, remove pallet from slave from conveyors. The empty pallet will be collected by pallet stacker and when the quantity goes to ten, the pallet group will be sent to ASRS automatically.

Huaruide WMS Warehouse Management System

The installation is controlled by Huaruide WMS, it is the brain of the warehouse, whose mission is to direct all internal operation (including receipt, storage and dispatch of products).


This WMS is very versatile and can meticulously control stock levels, knowing at all times the location and status of the goods.


The WMS is in constant two-way communication with the Julong transfer data and critical information to achieve maximum profitability and warehouse operational throughput.

Advantages for Julong

Optimize space utilization: 8, 160 big pallets (1300*1500*1800 mm) storage capacity meet customer’s strict requirement.

Boosted productivity: simplicity in warehouse organisation and operations ensures high throughput and agility in the run times of all processes.

Efficient management: the warehouse is directed and organised with Huaruide WMS.



Logistic Center for Julong in Nanjing

Storage Capacity 8,160 pp
Height 24m
Type Stand alone ASRS
Pallet Size 1300*1500
Stacker Crane Aisle 7 sets
Throughput Requirement 420 pallet/hr


Post time: Jul-16-2021