Radio Shuttle Solution

What is Huaruide Radio Shuttle Solution?

The Huaruide radio shuttle is a type of semi-automatic high-density storage with low investment cost, it suits for storing large quantity and items. It has widely used in food & beverage, chemical, tobacco and other industries.


Compared with drive-in solution, in drive-in racks, the forklift enters the racks, which limits the maximum depth. With the radio shuttle system, the drive-in pallet racking system is not limited and the material handling manoeuvres are much faster and safer. It also permits a greater turnover rate, going from a LIFO system per module to a LIFO system per level. The versatility of the radio shuttle also enables it to work with entry points on both sides of the metal racking, so being able to be used both as a LIFO and FIFO system.

Radio Shuttle System Consists of

• Storage rack

• Radio Shuttle

• Battery Charger Station

The Benefits of Radio Shuttle Solution

• Lower risk of damage to the rack and operator.

• Automatically load, unload, and organize pallets with high precision, fast and sustainable.

• Save labor cost, improve work efficiency and inventory turnover.

• Both radio shuttle and racks are designed and produced by Huaruide team, CE testing approved.

• Available for different size of pallets.

• Efficient load and unload system, which ensures high accuracy.

• Less damage to the racking units as the forklift does not enter the racking unit.

• Ideal for storage at low temperature(-25℃)


• FMCG companies

• Food production

• Meat Processing

• Beverage production & distribution

• Cold storage

• All drive-in/drive-thru racking users.



Post time: Jun-05-2021