Pallet Dispenser

Pallet Dispenser

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Pallet stackers and pallet dispensers replace manual handling of pallets in automated material handling systems. Pallet stackers do the work for you, placing used pallets in a stack for reuse or transport. Pallet dispensers are an integral part of most palletizing systems ensuring a pallet is always ready for a robotic or conventional palletizer to place products. Huaruide’s pallet dispensers and pallet stackers are a great way to reduce labor and improve productivity in your palletizing systems.

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Pallet Dispenser: 10 pallets as a group sent by conveyer line and load on pallet dispenser automatically. When the machine is given the proper signal, a pallet is isolated from the rest of the stack and discharged onto a conveyor.

Pallet Stacker: Empty pallets convey forward into a pallet stacker one at a time. Pallets are lifted and held in position. Once the desired number of pallets are stacked, they can be released to a conveyor or picked up directly by a fork truck.


• Heavy duty fully welded construction

• Hydraulic lift table standard, electromechanical lift optional

• Pneumatically operated pallet fingers for dispensing, gravity flaps for stacking

• Stand alone controls package options available

• Easily integrated into existing palletizing or depalletizing system


• Reduces manual labor

• Reduced ergonomic issues

• Improves productivity by reducing cycle time

• Lengthens pallet life cycle


• Robotic palletizing systems

• Conventional palletizing systems

• Available for multiple pallet sizes and shapes

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