Unit Load ASRS

How does Huaruide Unit Load AS/RS work?

The unit load ASRS is operated by a stacker crane, the stacker crane can travel back and forward on rail and there is a loading pallet device installed allows it can travelling vertically, it can also reach into the rack to deposit or pick up a pallet. Pallets are generally brought into the ASRS via conveyors to a pick up station where the ASRS load handling device will grab the pallet.


All storage and retrieval behaviors of unit load AS/RS are commanded by WMS(warehouse management system). The orders are sent by computers and allocated the tasks to each inbound/outbound station, and display on LED visually. Each operator equipment RF handhold, it will receive allocated orders and need to put or take from station according to instructions. Free equipment will run by WCS (Warehouse Controlling System) interfaced with WMS.


For inbound behavior, a forklift operator leave pallet on conveyor at the correct inbound station, and wait for pallet pass profile checker, if there is no alarm, then he can do the next pallet. If alarm happen, the pallet will be sent back and need to re-tidy and pass the profile again. The pallet will be transported to the buffer conveyor next to stacker crane aisle waiting for storage, Once the pallet is secured the stacker crane will travel to the correct lane location while the loading device raises or lowers to the proper row height. Once at the proper lane location and row height the load handling device extends and drops the pallet off in the rack for storage. When the behavior is finished, the information will be sent back to WMS, and it will be updated to customer’s ERP system via interface. Outbound behavior is inverse of inbound.

Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) consists of

• Storage rack

• Conveyor lines

• Stacker crane

• Controlling system

Specification for Huaruide Unit Load AS/RS

• Maximum weight capacity: 3 tons.

• Stacker crane height: 5-45m

• Horizontal speed: 0-160m/min

• Vertical speed: 0-90m/min

• Conveyor line speed: 0-12m/min

• Pallet size: 800-2000mm*800-2000mm

The Benefits of ASRS

• The small footprint frees up floor space

• Inventory accuracy and control

• High-speed stable storage/retrieval operation

• High Throughputs increase your productivity

• Reduction in quantity of out of date and damaged pallets

• Ease of operation and maintenance

• Minimize employee safety risks involved with forklift operations


Jiangsu Hengshun Vinegar United Load ASRS: Nearly 10,000 pallets in 2800 sqm

Jiangsu Hengshun Vinegar Industry Co., Ltd. manufactures and markets vinegar, preserved vegetables, soy sauce, and other seasoning products. Its product are most popular flavor for every Chinese family, so thousands of case are departure from the factory, Facing the pressure from logistics, the traditional can’t meet the requirement, the brand-new high-throughput logistic center which should be designed for retrieval, storage, order picking, distribution and other activities such as production, company headquarters, etc. was in plan.

High Throughput and High Storage Capacity

Huaruide has installed this automatic storage and retrieval system based on 1200*1000m pallet with 4 layers of box loaded whose height is 1500mm. This solution accommodates a large number of products in a confined space and, in addition, ensuring the high speed of throughput.


Measuring 24 m high, the facility comprise five aisles with single-deep racking on both side. It has a storage capacity of 9,600 pallets in footprint area of 2,800 m2. A twin-mast unit load stacker crane incorporating a single deep MIAZ telescopic fork handle the take or put pallet stable and fast. In this way, the flow of goods can meet the throughput of bottling lines, and 240 pallets/hour (120 incoming and 120 outgoing) can be stored and retrieved.

Automatic Packing and Palletizing

The main operation of this installation is storage and retrieval. Every day, approximately 40, 000 cases are produced and delivered to multiple market throughout China. Obviously, relying on manual packing and palletizing needs a lot labor to keep the system running which is slow and not cost-efficient.


To manage the facility smoothly, the automatic packing and palletizing system is the ideal for this, as it is designed specifically to match the high speed in/out requirement. This installation has two picking lines where directly linked with Krones bottling lines, as soon as finished bottles pass the bottling line, 12 of them are separated by cardboard and covered in a case, then pass labeling station, after that, the cases will be picked up by robot arm stacking on pallet, 12 cases a layer, totally 48 cases a pallet. The loaded pallet goes to wrapping machines and empty pallet enter the stacking location, empty pallets come from pallet dispensers arranged by WMS.


The building consists of 2 floors, the bottling line and ASRS is connected by conveyors.

This project includes the design, engineering, integration, installation and commissioning of the following automated systems:

• Automatic storage and retrieval system based on 24.5m stand-alone high bay warehouse.

• Integrated with Krones bottling lines at 2nd floor.

• 2 layers inbound and outbound conveyor lines at 1st floor and 2nd floor.

• Integrated with robot arm to do automated packing at 2nd floor.

• Control system for operation and integration of the automated system (WMS, WCS, RF System).

asrs (2)

1st floor (ground) – outbound & empty pallet inbound

asrs (1)

2nd floor – production and inbound

Advantages for the customer

The construction of the logistic center carefully adapted to suit their needs, the use of cutting-edge technology in storage system, the automation of all processes and the implementation of management software WMS have all allowed to meet their goals of increasing productivity and improving customer service with the utmost efficiency at the lowest possible cost.


The following are some of the advantages experienced immediately:


• Reduction in the time needed for all goods movement operations.

• Large increase in the number of movements of goods in and out of storage.

• Uninterrupted operation: The system of entry and dispatch is in operation 24hours a day, seven days a week, and in peak periods, is capable of handling up to 120 incoming pallets/hour, and 120 outgoing pallets/hour.

• Integrated goods receipt, preparation and dispatch processes thanks to the management WMS.


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