Miniload ASRS System

What is Huaruide Miniload ASRS?

The Miniload automated warehouse for boxes is an extremely dense storage system designed to move at high speeds for increased productivity in a compact footprint. Utilizing stacker cranes, the minload system has a standard horizontal speed of 160m/min and a standard vertical lifting speed of 90m/min which improves picking times and operator efficiency.


The miniload system is primarily used for the storage, movement and order fulfillment of small or irregular goods in boxes. In addition to providing the optimum method for handling pick boxes, it is also designed with the basic ergonomic and safety equipment need to perform work and maintenance operations as simply as possible.

Miniload Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) Consists of

• Miniload rack

• Miniload stacker crane

• Sorting lines

• Controlling system

Specification for Huaruide Miniload ASRS

• Container: Box, carton, tray

• Maximum weight capacity: 150kg

• Miniload stacker crane height:5-24m

• Miniload stacker crane type: sing;e/dual carriage

• Horizontal speed: 0-160m/min

• Vertical speed: 0-90m/min

• Conveyor line speed: 0-12m/min

• Pallet size: 400-800*400-800mm

The Benefits of Huaruide Miniload ASRS

• Save up to 85% of underutilized overhead space

• It is able to deal with large SKU

• High-density Storage by using high-speed light-weight stacker crane

• Rapid access with minimum labor, fulfill majority of operations are done by machines

• Good to person picking by cooperation with high speed sorting line

• Handling of individual carton and box

• Modular and flexible, accepting all kind of customized requirement and fulfill the final target

• Ease of operation and maintenance

• Save up to 85% of underutilized over

Mindray Miniload ASRS with rapid sorting line: Nearly 32,000 pallet, deal with 850 boxes/hr

Mindray Medical International Limited is a global medical instrumentation developer, manufacturer, and marketer based in Shenzhen, China. Mindray designs and produces medical equipment and accessories for both human and veterinary use. The company is organized into three key business lines: Patient Monitoring & Life Support, In-Vitro Diagnostic Products, and Medical Imaging Systems. In 2008, Mindray was recognized as China's largest medical device manufacturer.

High Throughput of Storage and Retrieval

In this cases, Mindray want to build an automated system to store thousands of SKU of tiny electrical components, with extremely high throughput to catch up their production line needs.


Measuring 6 m high, the facility comprises eleven aisles with single-deep racking on both sides. A single-mast miniload stacker crane incorporating a double-box extraction system moves along each aisle, can handle up to two boxes at the same time. In this time, the flow of goods from the automated installation increase considerably, with several practical using, the throughput is around 70 pallet/hr for each stacker crane in peaking period.

100% Accuracy and Easy Operational Picking Line

To smooth usage of the system, Mindary sorting line’s capacity should be over 850 pallet/hr, it is two-layer structure, and the ground layer sorting line is for box inbound and first layer is for box inbound ASRS. The sorting line installs two picking stations, and each picking station need to two operators, each operator takes charge for one put to light wall.


Easy WMS, the warehouse management system (WMS) by Huaruide, is tasked with directing all the processes in the automated installation, distributing the boxes to each defined station, the operator just need to scan the barcode stick on boxes, then put-to-wall’s will show the position and quantity of goods needed in corresponding orders. If any error happen, the alarm will remind the operator double check until the error is clear. This whole process achieve 100% accuracy sorting.


This project includes the design, engineering, integration, installation and commissioning of the following automated systems:

• 11 sets single-mast dual-carriage sero-motor miniload stacker crane

• 2 layer high-speed sorting line

• 2 sets of picking station

• 4 sets of put-to-light wall

3d demo of miniload stacker crane

Advantages for Mindary

• High work efficiency

The maximum travelling speed of miniload stacker crane in mindary can reach 160m/min, hourly it can deal with over 700 box inbound and outbound operation.

To match the high speed inbound and outbound operation, high speed sorting lines is also important, 2 layers sorting lines save the space, meantime, it matches miniload stacker crane speed, not wasting throughput.


• Fully automation

The system is fully controlled by software, no manual intervention is required in operation process. For there are various SKUs in this ASRS, all the orders are generated from WMS, and transfer to WCS to finish inbound and outbound operation. The efficiency and accuracy can be ensured.


• Intelligent Picking

Mindary project used put to light wall, pickers operate according to indication light, and no need to recognize what material is. Save the time and avoid mistakes.


• Fully utilize space

Narrow lane of miniload stacker crane leave more space for storage. The utilization rate of warehouse reach over 95%.

Mindray Miniload Automatic Storage and Retrieval System, Shenzhen

Storage Capacity 32232 box locations
Box Dimension D400*W300*H240mm
No. Of stacker crane 11
Walking speed 160m/min
Lifting speed 90m/min
Total Throughput 850 pallet/hour


picking station in miniload ASRS soluion

Post time: Jun-05-2021