Hubei Bestore Unit Load ASRS Phase II Project Comes to Implementation

Hubei Bestore Unit Load ASRS Phase II Project Comes to Implementation

Famous Chinese snacks manufacturer Bestore is going to equip its second logistics center in Wuhan with ASRS for 20,000 pallets and high-speed sorting lines from Huaruide. Due to good using experience, Bestore made a quick decision and sign contract with Huaruide, and complete every details design in a short time. Now, this project is in installation steps.


The storage area of warehouse will be formed by 10 single 120-meter-long aisle with 24-meter-tall racking on both sides. 6 layers of high-speed sorting line will cooperate with ASRS.


Automation will ensure continuous goods flows and total availability 24 hours a day. Bestore has chosen this solution with the aim of increasing the throughput of its internal flows and enabling operators to prepare orders more ergonomically, thereby boosting their productivity.

Second, why we build some warehouse is over 40 m?

The warehouse, which is over 24 m in China made by us, is clad-type warehouse. Compared with standalone warehouse, the uprights support building structure makes the structure much solid than normal steel structure buildings. But it is not the point today, we talk about regulation only.


The clad-rack type warehouse is NOT belonging to Building, it belongs to Facility which is for material transformation. So the regulation is relatively loose, and I usually recommend my customer if the storage capacity can meet their requirement with 24 m, try to build a clad-rack ASRS.


Embeded plate in ASRS of Bestore Pharse two
Mezzanine in Bestore Phase II
Racking Assembly for ASRS
Racking Assembly in Pallet Stacker Crane

Post time: Jul-22-2021