Starq-Ytec Automobile Parts’s Miniload Automated Warehouse Connected to Production Lines

Starq-Ytec Automobile Parts’s Miniload Automated warehouse Connected to production Lines

Starq-Ytec is one of Mazda spare parts manufacturer, has equipped a miniload type automated warehouse with capacity to hold 4140 pallets right next to the production lines. Its role to send raw material to production and, at the same time, receive finished products, ready to be distributed to customers at top speed.

Starq-Ytech’s Needs

Starq-Ytech is a company raising in past 20 years rapidly in manufacturing and distribution automotive spare parts for Mazda. It has always controlled its product quality strictly and satisfy every customers. In order to adapt to the high requirement of customer’s need, the full-automated production lines are put into implement, as well as storage system.


In the original plan of production center, it only leave 250 m2 for warehouse, but need to store over 4000 boxes. Without use the building height, it is hard to meet customer’s needs. Starq Y-tech also need the picking function.

The 24-Meter-High Miniload Type ASRS

Huaruide designed and installed a 570 m2 automated miniload type ASRS which measures 28.4 m long, 3.1 m width, and 20 m high. It consist of two aisle with double deep racking on both sides, which have a capacity for 4140 boxes.

Technical Features of the Automated Warehouse for Boxes

One of the particular characteristics of the storage system is saving space, due to it utilize the height with only 570 m2 of available surface area to place a large number of boxes in this limited space. 45 storage levels have been customized to accommodate boxes of two different height: 305 mm and 205 mm.


One set of self-made twin-mast stacker crane was installed in the aisle whose function is pick up box from incoming conveyors and deposits them in the location that has been assigned by Huaruide WMS warehouse management system. The loading platform was designed as dual carriage, it travels down each aisle and can handle up to two boxes simultaneously which can guarantee 100 combined cycle (one inbound and one outbound process) per hour.


All goods arriving at the warehouse must go through a checkpoint to verify their weight and sizes meet the rule of system. Each goods outbound will go through the picking station, once the goods was empty, it will exit by conveyor, otherwise, the box will go back to racking system.

Software Application

Thousands of SKUs are hard to manage by human being, which can be realized by software. Starq Y-tech automated installation for boxes are taken charge of Huaruide WMS, which communication with customer’s SAP in real time. It dispatches every accuracy orders to the system and control machines by WCS warehouse control system. It ensure the 100% accuracy of the system.

Advantages for Starq Y-tech

Maximum Storage Capacity: with the limited surface area, the installation extends form height to gain more storage layers with reliable strong structure.

Maximum productivity: full automated warehouse need no time for rest, it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

100% operation accuracy: the automated installation for boxes is overseen by WMS, avoid the mistake made by operators.


24 meters high miniload ASRS cases
High bay warehouse miniload ASRS
inbound station of miniload stacker crane

Miniload ASRS for Starq Y-tech

Storage Capacity 4,140 pp
Height 20m
Type Stand alone miniload ASRS
Pallet Size 600*400*305/205
Stacker Crane Aisle 1 sets
Throughput Requirement 140 box/hr

Post time: Jul-28-2021