Why should use plastic pallet, not wooden for ASRS?


With the high-speed development of logistics and warehouse management systems, especially for business in the grocery and pharma industries, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)already became a good choice for many companies who need high efficient handing goods system with fast speed and forklift driver can manage.


ASRS system allows more products to be stored vertically, making warehouse space more efficient and saving the cost of the warehouse building. Because it is automatic, it can work all the time without tiredness and follow the control program. Also because of this reason, there is a problem with the ASRS, that is the system cannot recognize failures that are outside its programming and doesn’t know how to deal with a problem even if it recognizes that one exists. That will cause the system to stop or damaged. And wait for human technicians. In a highly automated warehouse where time means money, this can result in a lengthy delay, missed shipments, and a huge cost to the company.

After the background of ASRS, there are some risks of using wooden pallets on ASRS.


1. Wood pallets are held together by nails, there are risks if nails fail at any time. If this happens when the pallet is working on an ASRS, which may cause the product to fall along with loose wood and nails that can get caught in tracks and gears.


2. Some parts of the wooden pallet slat loose or broken will cause uneven loading. An unbalanced load can damage forks and product spillage or damage.


3. Wood pallets are absorbent, taking in moisture and harboring bacteria and fungi within the wood grain. They can also absorb chemicals as well, that may contaminate products. Then companies have to pay the cost of decontamination.

Plastic Pallets Are an Ideal Choice for ASRS.

1.Plastic pallets are integrated pieces of plastic, Its structure decides that the forces of load are evenly distributed across the whole pallet.


2.High-quality plastic pallets won’t crack, split, or change size or shape. That means it no necessary to maintain pallets as wooden which will save labor cost.


3.Their uniform weight and a deck that supports the load across the whole span of the pallet and its anti-slip design reduces the chances of product shifting or slipping during transport


4.Lightweight plastic pallets that keep loads stable reduce the wear and tear on equipment which will save cost and time.


5. Plastic pallet is non-absorbent and hygienic. It is easy to clean without influence its using life, size, and load capacity.


Then how choose plastic pallets for ASRS?


1. Size: Pallet size needs according to your system design and equipments requirements.


2. Load capacity. Rack load capacity is the most important factor when you choose a pallet.


3. Material. PP and PE are the main material for pallets. There are recycled material and virgin material. The material will influence the pallets' using life.


4. Warehouse temperature. Cold storage and high temperature will also influence pallets' performance.


Anyway, if you need pallets for your project, welcome to contact us. We will provide a solution according to the specific circumstance.

Post time: Aug-04-2021